Siwa Oasis (Egypt) Peace Festival, 10-12 October, 2011

Siwa Oasis holds the eid el-solh (peace making celebration) at the October full moon, following the harvesting of olives and dates.

Over three days and nights men and children camp and share meals at the base of Dakrour mountain.

The Festival originated over 150 years ago, when a solution was sought to disputes over water and land use through a meeting of the men.

Many Siwans who work outside the oasis return home for the festival, now a time of forgiving any disagreements of the past year. Meat is stewed in large pots on open fires and served with bread. All attending contribute bread and money for the meat. Communal dishes are passed from the open kitchen by a chain of men, another symbol of sharing, to circles of people seated on the sand.

In the evenings a circle of men forms for religious chanting, their white robes glowing under the moonlight, and on the fourth day there is a procession from Dakrour to a mosque in the town.

Join us in Siwa for this special time, and visit Dolce Vita while you are here to view the Festival.


About dolcevitacafeandcamp

Dolce Vita cafe and camp offers visitors to Siwa Oasis the unique experience of camping beside Cleopatra Spring, or simply enjoying refreshments on their stop at this famous and beautiful spring water pool amid the lush palm and olive gardens.
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